Becoming a flight staff cadet

Flight Staff Cadets (FSC)’s are selected from an elite few
people who show the potential to further their flight training, show good
knowledge of the aircraft, show that they are 110% committed to what they are
doing at the VGS and many more. Most of the senior instructors at 633 were once
staff cadets themselves for example Sqn Ldr Bullock the OC of 633 VGS was once
a staff cadet at RAF Cosford.

If you would like to continue your training on the
Vigilant there is a set procedure that we follow here at 633 VGS, firstly we
require you to have gone solo at the end of your gliding scholarship or shown
the potential to have gone solo if you haven’t due to weather, etc. Once you
ask to become a FSC then you will be asked to return for an interview with the
OC, Adjutant and Senior FSC, if you show good potential then you will be
allowed to join on a 3 month probationary period, once you start this 3 month
probationary period then you will need to full fill the requirements below.


1-      You will need to get consent from your Sqn/CCF unit OC, this is because
once you join the VGS you are committed to the Sqn at least one day a weekend and
don’t forget that Flying and Gliding takes precedence over ALL other Air Cadet

2-      Being extremely committed, this is probably the most important part of staying
on as a FSC as we don’t want people who are going to work part time and not pull their weight.

3-      You must also gain a good knowledge of flying for example being able to
recite the principles of flight as people will also be asking you questions on how parts
of the Aircraft work.
-         You will commit to either Saturday or Sunday depending on your availability and
places on the VGS. You are entitled to 1 day off every month but only after your
probationary period.
-         You will arrive at the VGS between 08:00-08:15 but no later than 08:30, if you
are going to be late you must inform a member of staff at the VGS.
-   You must stay until the daily task is completed and we have completed the close
down brief.
-         After your 3 month probationary period you will have another meeting with the OC,
Adjutant and Senior FSC, this will then determine your future on the VGS. If you full fill the
requirements then you will progress and become a member of 633 VGS, however if you
don’t full fill the requirements then you will be asked to leave the Sqn.
-         You can be removed from the team before your 3 months is up or even after it as
you are being constantly monitored by VGS staff and you are required to continue with
high standards.
-         If you progress then you can look forward to your Advanced Glider Training (AGT)
as this will start to begin within the next few months depending on how much work you put in,
your attendance and the weather.
-         Due to the limited availability of Instructors,Aircraft and Daylight hours you cannot
expect to fly every single time as at 633 we usually have a very large daily task, however
we do have staff flying days throughout the year.

4-      Your Duties
-         As a FSC you have many duties to ensure that the operation is run extremely
smoothly and efficiently as possible.

When you first start you will be shown these
duties and how to do them but you will be expected to pick them up and be able
to do them without the need to be prompted or without needing to ask question
fairly soon.
-         The main duties are as follows:
-      You will need to assist the members of staff with the morning duties i.e daily checks,
opening up the buildings, checking the parachutes, equipping the caravan, pulling the
Aircraft out of the hanger and many more.
-        Deliver the parachute and arrivals briefing to the GIC cadets and ensuring all of the
paperwork is filled out correctly and producing an attendance register for the Duty Instructor (DI).
-         Delivering the Meteorology brief to all of the attending staff members present.
-         Putting GIC cadets in and out of the aircraft and supervising Gliding Scholarship
cadets in and out as well.

-         Prepare the Aircraft in the morning, clean them at night after each time we fly and
on some days clean them throughout the.

-         Help to refuel the Aircraft as and when required.
-         Ensure a good level of cleanliness is kept throughout the VGS’s buildings
and control caravan.

-         Running the GIC program and ensuring that there are no Aircraft sitting
on the ground waiting for you to prepare a cadet for
-         Making sure that the staff always have a cup of tea or coffee to hand .
-         Ensure that you are always being proactive and not sitting around waiting
to be told what to do.

5-      The
 main Do’s and Dont’s 
-         You must always do as you are told on the VGS by any member of staff.
-         You must ensure that your attendance is good and you inform the adjutant
of when you are not going to be in and a valid reason
-         You must ensure that you are smartly dressed and you have the correct
items of clothing on.

-       You must ensure that you are very proactive.
-         You must always treat the staff members with the respect they deserve.
-         You must not expect to fly within your first 3 months.
-         You must not arrive late more than 2 times per month.
-         You must not leave the VGS before the close down brief unless absolutely necessary.
-         You must not think that you are better than anybody else on the unit.

Should you breach any of these rules of conduct then you will soon find yourself
handing your kit in and bidding your future of flying
 with the VGS a fond farewell
as we will not hesitate in asking you to leave.
 Besides all of that I hope that you
are still determined to become a FSC at 633
 VGS as all of the hard work does
come with some great benefits and you are
 around like minded people and you
will enjoy every day that you attend.